2 comments on “Where are the Dead

  1. Thank you so much for this indepth study. I have read many of the scriptures you posted seperately and still had questions, but reading them all in a study like this really confirms what I had always believed before my mom passed. I don’t know why her passing had such a profound effect on me, to the extent I wondered about dying like I never have before, but it did, and it has been quite a struggle. I too, have had similar experiences with the dying, where they have seen people who have already passed…my own dad was talking to his mother quite often before he passed. Maybe that dream I had a week after my mom died, where she looked across the room and saw my dad and they embraced was God’s way of letting me see that it had happened just that way when she died, because I wasn’t there when she died…
    Thank you so much for this study, it was most comforting.

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